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Our Usual Family Hangout Place


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The usual place where my family and I spend our bonding moments together is at the mall. My husband and the children play at Quantum Amusement Center while the mom waits upon them. After each game they play, I am always at their side collecting all the tickets. I always keep the ticket seriously because I believe we should get something from what we have spent at the place. Hehehe…

The last time we have redeemed our collected tickets was last March 2009. We have collected a thousand plus over the six months of visiting and playing at different Quantum Amusement Centers. We have exchanged it with several items such as toys, pencil case, colored pens and two fancy silver bracelets!

Now, we are starting to collect again. Since our trips to the mall have been limited by our financial circumstances, we haven’t reached 500 tickets just yet. Maybe the next time we will redeem our tickets would be this December if things will be better for us in the next few months.

Or, if it gets better, I think it should be better to buy a second hand PS3 gaming console than going on occasional trips to the mall. Besides, I will be giving birth on September. I would really appreciate that my family will become a stay-at-home PS3 players rather than mall goers. Don’t want to be left behind!


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JesuLalaine June 9, 2009 - 5:13 pm

THat’s a lot of points!

We also enjoyed QUantum when we were in Cagayan a few months ago.

admin June 12, 2009 - 3:22 pm

Yeah…when we were there, we collected some tickets too! Bali Bacolod and Cagayan amo tickets na collect. 😀


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