Pacquaio vs Diaz – Pacquiao won!

Hoorah!! Another glorious day for all Filipinos worldwide! Manny Pacquiao has won his 4th World Title over David Diaz on the 9th Round.

At first, I was very afraid Manny would lost this fight. I haven’t seen his preparation lately since I transferred back home. But it turns out to be that Manny Pacquiao and David Diaz Lethal Combination is the year’s greatest boxing fight with all great action.

Go Manny! Go Philippines! Mabuhay!

Here’s a Manny Pacquiao vs David Diaz video made by aples18 at YouTube (clips from the 9th Round):



3 thoughts on “Pacquaio vs Diaz – Pacquiao won!

  1. viva mommy, este pacquiao..ehhe

    Congrats kay Pacman.. Ang saya – saya.. double celebration sa bday mo mommy, hehehe..

  2. Hehe. Pero mas masaya si Joliber kesa kay Manny ngayon. 🙂 Lapit na pala birthday ni “mommy” Ruby. Hehe, naki mommy na rin ako. 🙂 san handa-an?

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