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I remembered just like it was only yesterday that Pinay Mommy Online got its PR4. It was last April 30. It was almost 3 months ago.
Oh well, I expected an update early or late August but it seems Mr. G have decided to visit earlier than expected. He has once again slapped, decreased, gave and increased Page Ranks to blogs and websites.I know that most bloggers right now are sad and happy.Sad in a way that they haven’t receive their much awaited PR, or experienced a decreased or just plainly being slapped to zero.

Happy in a way that they have receive their much awaited PR or got an increase while others are plainly contented.

For me, I have six blogs and it’s very hard to maintain. So, I don’t expect very much that I will have an increase but mostly a decrease or a slap. But thank God!! He has been so gracious. Both my Page Rank 4 blogs (this and OnlineBiz and Resources) maintained their rankings while my other two blogs with Page Rank 1 experienced an increase to Page Rank 2. The other two just got an N/A to Page Rank 0 (at least they got recognized).

Page Rank is a variable that is out of every webmaster or blogger’s control. It may increase and decrease at any moment. So, if you have one right now, maximize it if your into paid blogging, you might never know what Mr. G’s next move. If you don’t have one now, start building back links, surely you’ll get it in the next update (after 3 months).

By the way, Page Rank updating is not limited to one day…it’s not yet finished…and I guess it’s still on the process of updating everybody. Finality of the latest Page Rank will be determined if you already have hold on to it for a month or so.

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