We Are the Reason

It’s really amazing how Jesus touches lives. Even in my personal life, I can say that Jesus has been very faith especially with me and my husband. He showed that He is faithful when He restored my marriage. He though me how to love without question. He thought me that life was not about myself […]

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Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids Affordably

We all know that every Sunday is the day that we recognize as “Family Day.” We spend time with the family especially with our kids. We make-up for the lost time and update ourselves with what’s happening in their lives. When we spend time with our kids, there is a big chance of spending lots […]

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Back at Work

Last Monday, I reported back to work. Read almost 100 emails and replied only to 1/8 of which. Checked on sales and recruitment updates. Checked on reports. Checked on the branch’s physical assets and even checked if the premises are secured. Said hi to almost known and unknown dealers. Assisted in the transaction area. And […]

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Paypal for Philippine Online Entrepreneurs

I have been online for many years now. I was so addicted with the internet. I loved to surf, read and even joining all free “get paid to” programs that I came across with. There were a lot of legitimate and good paying programs (meaning until now they exist and many were paid) back then […]

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Filipina Mothers

Filipina Mothers nowadays has sprung from a simple housewife to the presidential seat. They are mostly educated and working in tandem with their husbands…gone where the times when they are only found at home taking care of the children. My late grandmother was a very sweet and tender person. Since the time I knew her, […]

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