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Yes…I am really SORRY guys but I am not able to announce the winners because I haven’t made a draw yet. I went out and watched “Mama Mia” with my mom as a birthday gift to myself. It was really nice and it made me laugh. After we got home, I felt so tired and […]

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Getting a Debt Consolidator

Due to the downing state of the economy, many people have relied to credit card use as means of surviving. Since the income is not increasing more people are buried in credit card debt and now having a hard time getting out. In the US, it’s easy to get a credit card. You can apply […]

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Job Listings Online

Many people are now into computer related professions. Some are inclined on hardware management and maintenance such as routing and switching, LAN, voice, wireless / mobility and/or online security. While others prefer creative digital arts or new media jobs such as flash animation, digital animation, website design, and digital graphic artistry. Others also prefer working […]

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Food | Musings

Birthday Breakfast

We have nothing big today, no parties, no gifts, no…nothing! But hey…happiness is not based on material things but on the thoughts of people who remembered you in their hearts and the blessings that God gave faithfully. Anyway, before I continue my day of usual surf, drop and click. I just want to share my […]

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