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Palma: A Majestic Spanish City


“La belleza de la Palma vale la pena saborear.” The beauty of Palma is worth relishing. What am I talking about? I am actually referring to Palma which is the major city and port on the island of Majorca in Spain. It is also the capital city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is considered a prime holiday destination and I have a feeling their climate has a lot to do with it. Its climate allows people to enjoy its sandy beaches. Imagine a place where awesome tourism and rich history converge. That’s Palma for you.

If you are thinking of doing your homework and finding out just how much the flights to palma cost, then you are not alone because I will be doing the same thing too! But of course, I have already made a head start and have already checked out the many attractions of the city. Among the places I intend to visit given the chance is the Bellver Castle that is known for its unique circular shape and three semi-circular towers. Since I am a devout Catholic, I also plan to visit La Sue. Considered as the glory of the city, La Sue is a beautiful and magnificent Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the city.

What’s a holiday without a trip to the museum, right? So Majorca Museum will definitely be on my list of places to visit. Porta de Soller is another good place to visit. It offers an awesome spot to spend a day on the beach. There, you can find a few restaurants and shops around the beach. The warm, sheltered bay is good for swimming with boats in the center of beach. The views of the bay, the town and surrounding mountains are lovely. So, are you ready to fly to Palma? I am!


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Shydub August 12, 2011 - 2:10 am

It’s a remarkable place, i wish we have billions of datungers right so we can go to this place and relish the beauty hehehe

OSeñorita August 12, 2011 - 2:16 am

Sounds like a very beautiful place. Wish I could visit the place someday.


Jasmin August 12, 2011 - 9:30 am

I would love to visit the place kung mayaman lang ako.. aha 🙂

faye August 12, 2011 - 2:33 pm

HI! mommy rubz, thnks for ur comments! i already use my paypal in buying something online. so it is already verified.
i do not know what to do further to get my domain name.
have a nice weekend ahead, mommy!

peachkins August 13, 2011 - 2:27 pm

sounds like the perfect place for a vacay!

shahz August 13, 2011 - 4:30 pm

beautiful place.. to bad, wala pera pambili palne ticket..LOl

Ane August 16, 2011 - 9:40 am

Wow! Ganda talaga ng Spain! It’s definitely one of the must-see-places in my list!

I hope one day I can go for a visit! 🙂

zoan August 21, 2011 - 7:48 am

majestic and beautiful…

mela August 22, 2011 - 3:09 pm

this post reminds me that i want to learn how to speak Spanish. would try learning how to speak Spanish thru net then maybe a formal lesson someday.


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