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Passing on the Flame


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Please forgive me…I am not really good at tagging. Sometimes I do them and sometimes I forget about them. But as time and my memory allows, I will try my best to do it. This one is given to me by Mommy Hailey. I always thank her for remembering me.

The Flame of Friendship.
A symbol of spirit of unity.
The burning icon of love.
Undying picture of hope.
The hot symbol of oneness.
The Flame of Friendship.
And now it’s your turn to flame yourself!
Meet new friends. Discover friendship. Make bonds.
Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end
and add your blog on the list below.
Let’s start FLAMING!
The People Who Accepted The Flame of Friendship
Tiklaton: We are the witness.
Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey.
A Simple Life.
Hailey’s Domain
Hailey’s Beats and Bits
Pinay Mommy Online
(now, you follow!)
OOOPSS!! Don’t forget to invite your friends!


I am now passing this flame of friendship to

Mommy Janet
Mommy Lalaine
Mommy Juliana
Mommy Elvz
Mommy Lurch


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Pinay WAHM June 19, 2008 - 6:37 am


Done na with this tag…but you know that already, didn’t you? Kasi you left me a message there eh..hehe.

So your computer was awake while you’re asleep??? Aha! I thought you and your computer are one??? Hahaha…

O sige na. I hope you’re sleeping by now! I highly doubt it though kasi 10:37 pa lang dyan.

Mommy J

JesuLalaine June 19, 2008 - 7:44 am

thanks for the tag rub..same here, I’m not so good with tags..but I guess i’ll need to do it esp. for my new domain..can I post this in my other blog later?


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