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I have the utmost respect for the teaching profession. I have loved and respected my teachers from way back in my elementary and high school years. They have taught me a lot of things, not just classroom lessons, but also principles that apply to life.

But what I don’t understand is why many of them are deep in debt. I have learned when I was a little older that some of them file for payday loans days before their salaries are released. They sort of get their salaries in advance, logically. But the problem is, this does not happen just once a year, like when they are sort of just short of cash once in a while. However, the cycle continues every payday and after several years, their paycheck is continually reduced by the interest rates.

Yep, because you cannot get payday loans without interests. The lending companies only lend because they get about 10% of these poor teachers’ salaries. Imagine that. For the rest of your life, every payday the companies take out 10%! That is an awful lot of money. But teachers still do it. Why?

I just think that sometimes it is no longer a lack of money but mismanagement. Sometimes, it only takes a few more days of waiting. If only they can wait out a little longer instead of making loans. It seems though that the idea of making loans has been made into a habit, so the problem just gets worse over time.

I just feel bad for my teachers. I would like to see their lives improve, too. And it would be nice to see them prosper because they are also hardworking. I wonder, how could they be helped so that at least before they retire, they are already be free of debt?

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