Paypal for Philippine Online Entrepreneurs

I have been online for many years now. I was so addicted with the internet. I loved to surf, read and even joining all free “get paid to” programs that I came across with. There were a lot of legitimate and good paying programs (meaning until now they exist and many were paid) back then but I was not able to join or pursue since they only accept Paypal as a way to get paid with your commissions. But for short, I was not able to pursue all those that I have joined because I only accessed the internet through cafes. I have no direct access at home. Those were the times that I started day dreaming about working at home. Most of those that inspired me were foreigners working at there homes but now, even Filipinos are earning too! Well, enough with history!

When I came across the news that Paypal was now accepting members from the Philippines, I was very happy. Pinoys and Pinays (Philippine-based) can now actually send and receive money over the internet and transact business worldwide. By the way, there is no problem when it comes to funding your Paypal account. You can fund it using your credit cards or even debit cards. As for withdrawals, that’s the most excellent news. You can withdraw money (commissions, remittances or payments) using the debit cards offered by one of our leading local banks. Yup! You can now use Unionbank’s EON Cyber Account both to fund and withdraw money. Of course, there are fees of all sorts but for the sake of online transaction efficiency, safety and convenience, it’s worth the take.

How to connect Paypal with your Unionbank EON Account?

1. First you need to have a Paypal Account. If you don’t have one and plans to do business online or has an existing one, I suggest you sign-up here and get a personal account.

2. After signing with Paypal, visit Unionbank’s Official Website to apply for an EON Cyber Account online. The card can be picked-up after 3 to 5 banking days from the branch where you have nominated to get the card. By the way, when you get your card, make sure you bring 2 valid I.D.s with their photocopies and at least 500 to 1000 pesos for initial deposit (though initial deposit is not required). I will explain later why you need to deposit initially. By the way, don’t forget to sign their hardcopy form so that your account will be activated. This again usually takes 3 to 5 banking days for it to be activated but I suggest you put on your beautiful smile and ask if your account can be activated immediately since your going to link it with your Paypal. I got mine activated the next day.

3. When you have your card and have deposited an initial amount, go back to Unionbank’s Official Website to get your EON Cyber Account enrolled to internet banking. After enrolling your account, it takes 48 hours for you to login and start online banking. You can’t skip this one, so you have to wait.

4. When your account is already active, go back to Paypal and add your EON Cyber Account. Paypal will charge you with $1.95 as an Expanded Use Fee (use to verify your accounts real existence and this is the reason why you need to have an initial deposit). After 5 banking days (since the day you added the card to your Paypal Account), call Unionbank Toll Free Customer Service Number (1-800-1888-2277) to get your Expanded Use Number.

5. Once you acquired the Expanded Use Number, login to your Paypal account and continue with your EON Account registration (adding or enrolling your card). Now that your added and completely verified by Paypal, your sending and withdrawal limits will be lifted. And now, you won’t be having a problem when it comes to withdrawing your money. You can withdraw your money through Unionbank ATM (highly recommended since there will be no withdrawal charge).

Now, you are geared for an online business or personal transaction even if you are based in thePhilippines.

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