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I have been searching for personalized gifts online. It seems that giving something personalized has become a hit that even rosaries for Catholic friends are already being made by some stores. I think people find it very attractive especially if the recipient sees herself/himself (photo) or their names on the said gift.

How about you guys do you love personalized gifts? Do you love to give and receive one? For me personally, I do love personalized gifts! I love receiving them too!!

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17 thoughts on “Personalized Gifts

  1. i love personalized gifts too! it’s so…. personal… hahahaha…just kidding. got a personalized mug before, i did not use it coz i might ruin the handwritten message.. hehehe

  2. I’ve never given or received a personalized gift! And I don’t really mind – I don’t think my name on a product makes it better ;D
    When I give gifts I like to give something that can be enjoyed – a trip to somewhere, or some nice wine or something. Doesn’t need to be personalized! 😉

  3. I am having a graduation dinner and I would like to know of some good personalized gift ideas to hand out. It’s not that many people but I would like to show appreciation for them coming. It can’t be too expensive though because I don’t have much money. Any ideas would be great! Or websites.

  4. If I were you I would keep the mug idea but personalize it a bit. How about a home-made personalized coffee mug made by yourself. You can buy paint, a paintbrush and a white mug and design it as you wish. I think he would appreciate it more than a simple mug with a picture on it.

  5. I love personalized gifts kasi may effort talaga at hindi tipong minadali lang.

    May nakita akong cool na customized gift nung isang araw sa SM, dun sa Tronix na photo studio.

    Pwede ka magpagawa ng caricature! I’m planning to give my husband a caricature na presidente siya ng Pilipinas. Haha. Super cool at walang added cost na magpacaricature. Sana okay yung maging final product. 🙂

  6. sis prescription glasses, parang ganito yung sinasabi kong caricature. ang cute talaga! baka pwede rin sa graduation party ng anak mo:

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