Personalized Look for My Blogs

One of the goals I have next year is to personalize the designs of my blogs. I may not be able to personalize them all but I am hoping to make them unique as much as possible. I am also planning to have a custom logo design for each as long as my budget fits or I have the time to make for my own.

And as we all know, if you are active in the world of blogging, having a 125×125 badge is somehow essential. It is the image you are going to use on blog community systems like Entrecard, CMF Ads and Adgitize. This size is also common when you want to exchange links using images for fellow bloggers. And of course, this is also the reason why having a unique logo design can help your blog standout and have its own identity in the blogging community.

So, if I couldn’t afford to make all my blogs themes personalized, I guess having a custom logo design for each is the next big thing. I will try to hire someone make it for me if I still have funds but if not, well, as I said earlier, I might make the others on my own. 😀

1 thought on “Personalized Look for My Blogs

  1. I want to personalize my kids blog and is already looking for a designer..

    You said it right here Mommy Rubz.. with a nice badge, your blog really stands out!

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