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Are you a pet lover? We people usually have their animal pet at house. Common pets that we took care are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, white rats, etc. Animals are like people, we need someone who will love us and a doctor who will take care of us when we are sick. Animals and people have lot of similarities that is why as a first class animal (human) we are to take care of inferiors (animals and other creatures). Going back of being a pet lover. Are you? If you are, the you should be best friends with verterinarians because they are the one you can seek for help when your beloved pet is sick.

Veterinarian, if you aren’t familiar with this then you should know about them and I should tell what or who they are. Veterinarian or a Veterinary surgeon is often abbreviate as vet. It is a physician for animals and a practicioner of veterinary medicine. The word came from Latin which means “working animals“.

Diagnose animal health problems vaccinate against diseases, such as distemper and rabies medicate animals suffering from infections or illnesses treat and dress wounds set fractures perform surgery advise owners about animal feeding, behavior, and breeding euthanize animals when necessary provide preventive care to maintain the health of food animals test for and vaccinate against diseases consult with farm or ranch owners and managers on animal production, feeding, and housing issues treat and dress wounds, set fractures, and perform surgery, diagnose worms etc. Are some of veterinarian does.

I myself is a pet lover too. I have 3 pet at home since I was a kid. Late last evening one of my pet acts not so normal. As I see him, it looks like there is something different from him. Early this morning, I bought him to my vet friend. He was examined for minutes and the vet told me that he was sick. Sick because of what he ate last night. Because of that I need to buy some veterinary products and medicines. I hope he will get better soon.

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