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Petville – My Latest Craze

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Petville is the latest game application at Facebook. The game is like Pet Society, the only difference is the quality of graphics used by the developers. Petville has distinct colors while Pet Society has pale and unrefined ones.


I have been taking care of my cat, Korina, in Petville because I want her to gain more coins. The coins that I will earn from cleaning my neighbor’s house will be used to enhance my pet’s house. My recent house project for my pet is to have a beautiful bathroom. I want a fully furnished bathroom. I also want to buy a floor that would simulate a porcelain tile.

As of now, since I only have few neighbors, I only get to have few items of what I want each round of visits. Anyway, maybe when next week comes, I have all that I wanted in my bathroom since I am planning to add more neighbors. LOL!

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