Hello guys and gals!!

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. It seems that I was having a hard time on how to name it and what should be the nature. I wanted it to be like Valentine Linky Love and Project Exlinks, where not only one blogger gets all the love but everybody who participates. So, around 5:00 a.m. dawn, I came up with a wacky name on how to call it! And I thought of calling it PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE!!
Ok…the first question is why TRIPLE?? Well, if you want to join the project, there are three pre-requisites before you can join. You need to have the following:

1. EntreCard Account
2. Technorati Account
3. RSS Readers Account (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc.)

This project aims to achieve the following.

1. To have a lot of technorati fans.
2. To have a lot of RSS subscribers. (if we can’t visit all blogs, we can always check what’s new in just one click if you use a rss reader)
4. To have regular EntreCard droppers.
5. To get your blog exposed to others (you might have great content – all it needs is a little push to be seen by the world).
6. To have more friends in the blogosphere!!!

These goals will be impossible to achieve if you don’t participate and follow the instructions. It would also be unfair if you just add your links and don’t put an effort to help others. Ok, there is a possibility that the list will be longer and you might not follow anymore (we have our own lives to take care – LOL!! – I know), actually you can stop (if you want) if you have faved and subscribed 300 participants. But, why 300?? Well, I guess it’s a good number – you can only make 300 drops a day at EntreCard and the 300 movie was great (hehehe)! I think it’s nice.

So, what should a participant do?

1. Write a post about this project and how this project can show love to fellow bloggers.
2. After that, leave a comment here with your post permalink, technorati fave link, rss/feeds link, your blog’s name and link, EntreCard user details (why? read more below) and email (for updates please). You can optionally grab the banner if you want.
3. Then of course, please don’t forget to do the following:

  • Fave 300 participants of this projects (more if you want)
  • Add the blogrolling script at your post (to the post about this contest)
  • Subscribe to their RSS/Feeds using bloglines – highly recommended (or any reader or email subscription if you want).
Since, we are still starting the project, please don’t expect to have 300 participants in one day. This will take weeks or even months. All we need is to help each other in spreading the word of love throughout the blogosphere. Thus, you are required to visit this post once in awhile to fave, link and subscribe some new links.
Now…now…since mommy loves to share too! She is happy to announce that: “I WILL BE GIVING OUT 50 FREE EC CREDITS TO THE FIRST 150 PARTICIPANTS OF THIS PROJECT!!” Of course, only to those have completely: a) posted about this project at your blog, b) faved my blogs, and c) subscribed to my blogs. Very simple isn’t it?? Common…I need some love you know. 😉


Blog’s Name: Pinay Mommy Online
Blog’s URL:

Technorati Fave Link:

Blog’s Name: MOMEMO
Blog’s URL:

Technorati Fave Link:

So, if you want to have more friends and more love flowing to you…start loving others too!! Join us here!! Be a part of PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE project!!

Remember, what you sow…you shall reap! Sow love and you will reap love!!

(At the bottom of your post, please put this list by installing the blogrolling script.)





NOTE: We are using a BLOGROLLING Script. It will automatically update when new participants joins. The only aim of this project is to have an increase in technorati fans, increase RSS readers and more friends. You can individually request link exchange to other participants if you want.
SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: When we say 300 PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE, that means you have blogged, faved, and subscribed. All complete!! Thanks!!
So what are you waiting for?? Join the project. Start spreading and showing some love now!!If you have questions, please email exlinks @ pinaymommyonline dot com. Thanks!!


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PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE PROJECT is human edited. We need everybody’s help to make this one successful. So, please let us work together to remind everybody of our commitment to show triple love to all. Please send me also an email if I haven’t sent you EC credits. Thank you.


  1. ooops Mommy Ruby, don;t approve my first comment…

    Here are my details:

    Blog’s Name: Aeirin’s Collections
    Blog’s URL:
    Technorati Fave Link:

    Now on the Entrecard, I’m not sute whats my account number. When I login it shows

    but when I click on my Entrecard it show:

    Sorry I’m just new to blogging. And how ill I know If I’m already a member of this project. Will my link automatically be included in BLOGROLLING Script?

    Thanks again

  2. “Mommy Ruby said…

    @ aeirin and irish,”

    Funny.. my real name is Iris (my friends call me Irish), so akala ko ako pareho kausap ni Mommy RUby… lol

    Anyway, I received the ECs. thanks again Mommy

  3. update the RSS/feed subscriptions only…..maintenance ang technorati ryt now… will do that when they’re back online!

  4. thanks for joining us mommy of filipino in canada, you have been subscribe but can’t fave you now. techno is having a problem. later when they fix things. thanks again!!

  5. hello mommy ruby, mommy rj here.. 🙂 i’d love to join this project. will blog about this, fave at technorati and subscribe to feeds in a while. here are my blog details:

    RJ’s BLOGS

    Blog’s Name: A Day In The Life Of RJ
    Blog’s URL:
    Technorati Fave Link:

    Blog’s Name: My Cheap Thrills
    Blog’s URL:
    Technorati Fave Link:

    Blog’s Name: One Political Filipino
    Blog’s URL:
    Technorati Fave Link:

    thanks everyone! 🙂

  6. hello mommy ruby! 🙂 i’ve faved, subscribed to everyone’s blog here and blogged about this, here’s the link by the way, here’s my entrecard details:

    thanks so much and i’ll visit every now and then to check for new links to fave and love .. cheers!

  7. weeeee I’m done faving and subscribing to everyone in the project! OMG, my back hurts! HEHEHE!

    nice project mommy! you’re the best talaga! ^_^

  8. Good day Mommy Ruby. I guess this is the right time for me to join in your project. Your list is growing already.

    Just finished writing about it. By the way here’s my Blog details:

    Title: ULUPONGdotcom
    feed url:

    I’ll try to update with faving, dropping, and subscribing evrybody else. I’m having problems with technorati. It’s so freaking slow and buggy in my firefox.

  9. Just finished updating those in the master list. For the rest who aren’t in it, I’ll wait till your blog appears in it.

    Happy blogging to all.

  10. Done all for

    Momhood Moments
    Pinay Mommy Dreamer

    By the way, guys please don’t forget to show triple love for this blog and for MOMEMO. Thanks!!

    Will update soon on blogroll. Thanks.

  11. Hi Mommy Ruby. Really brilliant idea to start such a beneficial movement. I have added a few comments in my post about this great movement. Hope you can help spread the message. Will be sourcing out good blogs to show my support from now on. Cheers.

    Blog’s Name: Skoyu – Blog of a Web Enthusiast

    Blog’s URL:

    Technorati Fave Link:


  12. Hi Mommy Ruby. I just joined the Pexlinks Triple Love Project.

    Post permalink:

    Blog’s Name: Bizphere-Sphere of Business Connections

    Blog’s Link:

    Technorati Fave Link:

    RSS Feeds Link:

    I have added your blogs to my Technorati Faves, and also subscribed to your RSS feeds. I’ll be adding the current paritcipants one at a time.

    Thanks and more power.

  13. Hi Ruby! Thanks for coming up with this brilliant project. Have just completed the tasks. Technorati faved you and subscribed to your blogs as well.

    Post Permalink:

    Blog Title: Reflections by Mariz

    Technorati Fave Link:



    Hope I made it to the first 150 list. Btw, can we x-links as well? Have added you already to my Hall of Faves. Thanks and God bless..

  14. Wheeew! Done adding everyone to my Technorati fave list. Will come back to check new participants.

    Mommy Ruby, i’ve received already the blogroll script text and have updated my post, thanks a lot! Glad to be joining in this project. Btw, i’m just curious…the ones who enlisted early on Pexlinks, would they get a reminder or an update of new participant listings? Just concerned that they might forget to come back here and not be able to add to their Technorati Faves people listed at the bottom (new participants).


  15. updated my pexlinks mommy ruby! 🙂

    @mariz: i’ve been pretty diligent about adding the new participants 🙂 i dunno about the others tho

  16. As of now, there are 42 links that made a post about PEXLINKS. We should be expecting at least 35 readers aside from those that subscribed and faved who haven’t posted about this project and also aside from those that subscribed already to our blogs. Therefore some of us are not reciprocating the true pexlinks triple love.

    To make this project a success, please let us work together for the good of this. We should scratch each other’s back.

    If you have time, please visit other participants and remind them also to update their links. The more follow-up the merrier and better.

    Thank you very much and God bless to all!!

    Questions and Concerns? Please click “Contact Me” at the Navigation Panel of this blog.

    Thanks!! Muah!

  17. To the best of my knowledge, I have carefully followed the instructions.


    BLOG NAME – AZ Blogging
    BLOG URL –




    AZ Blogging
    Blogging Resources

  18. hi mommy! please make it clear to everyone that they need to link up all the participants and not just your blogs… I’m not updating mine as of now…

    wla’y laing nag cg ug update oi!

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