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Photo Blogging with EX-H20G Digital Camera

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There’s a new breed of bloggers out on the loose and they call themselves photo bloggers. Basically, these bloggers speak through the photos they shoot. They believe that a picture can paint a thousand words hence they let their pictures do the talking. Of course, you should know that this can’t be achieved if you can’t take decent pictures so as much as possible a person needs to have a good camera.

One great model is the EX-H20G digital camera from Casio. It offers 10x wide-angle zoom lens with a focal length of 24-240mm. It’s also the first compact camera to feature GPS technology. It even comes complete with motion-sensor driven positioning so you can track the position of the camera even if there’s no satellite signal.

This is the best camera you can buy since it’s packed with wonderful features, capable of taking high-resolution shots and is very affordable.

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