Pinay Mommy Online is NOW a WP Blog!

Yes! I finally made the transition. Pinay Mommy Online is now running under a WordPress platform. My blog is already self-hosted and my domain name transferred to my own GoDaddy account.

If some of you noticed, I was down for a few hours because of the transition that occurred. I made some changes with my nameservers and installed WordPress 2.7.

Anyway, a bad thing happened while I was importing my posts and comments. Some of them were not imported. Out of 1200 plus posts, only 1100 plus were imported and out of 3000 plus comments, 2900 plus survived. The importer tool at WordPress is limited that is why some did not make it. With this, I apologize for the loss of some comments. There are some circumstances that are beyond my control. I am not that techie yet when it comes to WordPress. I am really sorry.

Since I havenโ€™t slept the whole night, I need to close my eyes for a moment. I will be back blogging a little later. See yeah around!

14 thoughts on “Pinay Mommy Online is NOW a WP Blog!

  1. It looks like you did it very simpe but I know that it has been a challege to tranfer from one server top another. But at least you leanr new thing form doing that.
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  2. now I am having trouble leaving comment here. I hope things will be okey. I know you did a lot of working making the transfer.
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  3. its good to hear your in wordpress huh? I sounded like Im a member of such. I dont even know how to transfer anything, own domain pa lang mahirap wag na lang lol

  4. congratulations. i also have a new wordpress blog but i’m not announcing it yet. eto muna isa. hope you can drop by one of these days. i’m giving away my stuff…=)

  5. Congrats Mami R….hopefully I can transfer mine na… ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW kabalo na d ai ko mu import ug blog… ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehehe Cpanel na lang and how to set up my hosting and such…hehehe

  6. thanks mommy zriz for the visit! you might need to check out some photoblog themes now. once is setup in the new server, we will do the move immediately. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Congrats Mommy R.Ako rin I will be moving mommawannabe soon to wp – I hope I don’t encounter to many problems.

    Happy New Year and nice new place;)

  8. you must be good at what you are doing. I am not very good at all this… hope you not lose comment on the contest.. of participants.

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