Pinay Mommy’s Birthday Bash (CLOSED)


The long wait is over!! Finally, my birthday bash contest mechanics is here. There is nothing special with it since it’s almost similar to other blog contests around. Mine has a little twist of excitement.
So, here we go:Those who joined my LINK ME UP Promo are already qualified with 6 entries per blog. (Lucky you!) If that blogger has committed to become a sponsor of the birthday bash proper, her/his prior entries granted to her/him by joining the LINK ME UP Promo will be forfeited. But if he/she fulfills the two major birthday bash requirements his/her previous entries will be counted.

Major Requirements:

1. Blog about Pinay Mommy celebrating her birthday in the blogosphere using at least 100 words. In your entry, make sure that you link to this contest post and to this blog’s homepage.

2. At the bottom of your entry, you must link the sponsors of this contest with their giveaways.

~/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~/~

Make Money Online – 500ec ~ ·´`·.¸.»| j u l i a |·´`·.¸.» – 1000ec ~ Aeirin’s Collection – 1000 ec ~ Deranged Insanity – 500 ec ~ a {GIRL} for all status – 500 ec ~ Blogging resources, tips and money making ideas… – 750 ec ~ Faery Dancing – 500 ec ~ Our Journey to Forever – 250 ec ~ Lainy’s Musings – 250 ec – A Campaign for Non Violence on TV – 1000 ec ~ ulupongdotcom – 1000 ec ~ Contests,Giveaways and A Little Money – 125×125 Banner for 1 month ~ Crissy’s Haven – 1500 ec ~ Dashing Smiles – 500 ec ~ Straight from the Heart – 300 ec

NOTE: Non-sponsors will get 20 entries if they complete #1 and #2 but sponsors will only retain their previous entries accumulated from the LINK ME UP Promo.


3. Subscribe to my feeds via email. Each blog that you subscribe to will give you 2 entries. Example: You subscribe to all of my 6 blogs via email. Once verified, you will get 12 entries.

4. Stumble my blog. Each blog you stumble will give you 2 entries. Example: You stumble all of my 6 blogs. Once verified, you will get 12 entries. Stumble the HOMEPAGE not the contest post.

5. Fave my blog at technorati. Each blog you fave will give you 2 entries. Example: You fave all of my 6 blogs. Once verified, you will get 12 entries. (Attention Pexlinkers: Faves on PMO and MOMEMO are not counted.)

6. Send me a birthday e-card at by clicking the banner below. Once verified, you get 5 entries. E-Cards must be sent prior to July 20.

7. Only 1 contest post per blogger.

8. One subscription, stumble and fave per blogger to each of my blogs.

What are the fabulous prizes??

First Prize:
$50 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account + 3000 entrecard credits!!

Second Prize:
$10 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account plus 2000 entrecard credits

Third Prize:
$5 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account plus 1000 entrecard credits

There will be 20 consolation prizes of 200 entrecard credits.

A prize of $10 will be given to the blogger with highest number of referrals. But must refer at least 3 bloggers (with official contest post) to qualify. If there will be a tie, number of contest entries will be counted.You can use this banner to display at your sidebar and link it to your contest entry post. You may include in your post that they must mention your blog’s name or technorati username as a referrer.


After completing all your entries, please leave the permalink of your post, your email that you used to subscribe to my feeds and used to send me a birthday e-card, and your technorati username.

NOTE: I reserve the right to change or modify the promotional rules as I see fit. This promo period is from July 1 to 20. Winners will be announced on July 25, 2008. Some words are BOLD for a purpose. Please read the instructions carefully. If there are some parts of the contest rules you don’t understand, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me at my YM: pinaymommyblogger.

HATERS NOT ALLOWED. If you don’t like my contest, just respect it please. Thanks!! Muah!!

Good luck to all!!

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Sherry

    my entry and I have subscribed by email too all blogs except one as I think you have the same feeder in side. Do check and let me know.

    I have also fav your blogs in technorati with sherrygo ID.

  • Sherry

    digital scrap, online biz, Lourdes Mia, momemo, bleesing and beyond are the one that I have subscribed. This way you can check easy. 🙂

  • Nina

    Wow ganda ng concept ng contest, gusto ko sana sumali kaso mukhang mahihirapan ako hahahaha sabay ganun.. oh well good luck na lang sa mga sasali 🙂

    Advance happy birthday!

  • gLf

    Happy birthday! Here we go:

    – Stumbled all of yours 6 blogs (ludo1980)
    – Subscribed to this one by mail
    – Faved all 6 blogs (gLf1980)

    Thanks and good luck to everybody.

  • Bunny B

    Happy Birthday!!!

    – I’ve blogged with links and all HERE (20 entries)

    – I’ve subscribed to all 6 of your blogs via email (12 entries)

    – I’ve stumbled all your 6 blogs with ID: bunnybox9 (12 entries)

    – I’ve faved all 6 blogs on technorati with ID: bunnybox9 (12 entries)

    – I’ve also sent you a birthday card from the site. Hope you received it for 5 entries!

    Hope I’ve done them all right!! 🙂
    Thank you for the chances!!

    bunnybox9 at lycos . com


    Nice Contest.
    Thanks for remind me. 🙂
    Blogged at :

  • aeirin

    1. blog about Pinay Mommy’s Birthday Bash

    2. Subscribe to the 6 blog feeds via email using cs_aeirin [at] yahoo [dot] com
    3. Stumbled all 6 blogs
    4. Faves all blogs except for PMO and MOMEMO
    5. sent you a bday card

    email that I used cs_aeirin [at] yahoo [dot] com
    technorati username: aeirin
    stumbleupon: irisaeirin

  • Carlota

    Good luck the contest and to all the participants.

    na late man ko…i would like to sponsor even 500EC…been busy at work didn’t get a chance to bloghop 🙁 … maybe next time.

    Take care and advance happy birthday. best wishes. hugs!

  • Sherry

    hi, just want to update that I have already subscribed to this blog. Oh yeah.. this mean 6 blogs all done by subscribed.

    Thank you too as I have won from pinayjade, you are sponsored that I won ec and ad space from you.

  • faeryrowan

    Hello! Hello! Did the two major requirements. Will work on the minor ones soon. Medyo na busy ang life ang faery! Hehe! Check out my post here:

    Have a nice day, Mommy!

  • Mommy Elvz

    1. Subscribe to all 6 blogs
    2. Fave all except PMO, MOMEMO
    3. Sponsor 300 ec credits

    technorati user name: Elvz

  • Lalaine

    Hi Rubs! I’ve done posting in my blog.

    I’ll be back to do the minor reqmts. Take care!

  • dimaks

    Blogged about this contest here:

    Email for feed subscription (6 blogs):
    – dimaksblog [at] gmail [dot] com

    Username for stumbleupon (STU’d 6 blogs):
    – dimaks

  • ghing

    advance happy birthday..

    I blog about the contest.. I really wanted to join this contest but sadly, I don’t have paypal account..:(

    here’s my post about the contest..

  • Bonz

    hi, mommy ruby…
    wanted to join, kaya lang po daming requirements.
    i’ll just a birthday message for you at my blog and then i’ll link.
    god bless!

  • bm

    posted @ blog contest
    subscribed to 6 blog (j***20@gmaildotcom)
    linked the homepage
    linked all the sponsors
    stumbled all 6 blogs (sweetieroar)
    faved all @ technorati (sweetieroar)

    I’ve done all except the e-card thingy, I don’t want to download the toolbar sorry.

    happy birthday mommy 🙂 I wish you more opps in the coming month. luv ya.

  • Sherry

    hi mommy, I like to add points as I still haven’t stumble your blogs. I don’t know how to stumble.. as usually I see the stumble button. Your blogs dont have mind teach me how??

  • Dhadha™

    Hi Mommy Ruby! Sali ako sa contest mo.. Ang dami ko nang natapos..

    1.) Nagpost na ako ng entry tungkol sa contest mo, eto na ang URL:

    2.) Na link ko na rin yung mga sponsors sa bottom ng ko..

    3.) Nag subscribe na rin ako sa 6 blogs mo.. (12 entries)

    4.) Na fave ko na rin yung 6 blogs mo.. (12 entries)

    Yung sa e-card, everytime ko i-click yung image, error lagi yung site.. 🙁

    Ayan, so far, yan pa lng na accomplish ko.. Ye’ey! Sayang wla akong stumble na account.. Hehehe.. 🙂

    God bless Mommy Ruby! And advance happy birthday! 🙂

  • Phoebe

    Hi Mommy Ruby! Happy Birthday!

    Here’s my post to enter the contest: and subscribed to your feeds via email ( for 6blogs).

    thanks for this chance! good luck to everyone and more power to you!

  • bregie

    Happy Birthday… Same pala tayong LEO ahead lang ako syo ng 2 days! Wish you all the Best, good health, happiness and MORE BLESSINGS to come! GOD BLESS!

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