Pink! Pink! Pink Fridays!!!


Earlier this month I blogged about not reviving the meme Pink Fridays from my other blog. But things changed when I got my personalized wordpress theme I ordered from Mommy Choco. I was inspired to start it again and aside from that, they (my fellow Pink Divas) insisted that I should launch it again. Mommy Choco even sent me new Pink Fridays’ banners for FREE! So, I have no choice… I need to launch it again!

But before we continue talking about Pink Fridays… this is what happened earlier…

Mommy Choco knows that I don’t like misrepresentations on my header themes. So when I ordered for the theme here in Pinay Mommy Online, I specifically said that I wanted a girl with black hair and brown eyes so that it would represent the real me. But when I saw the final header… I saw the pink mouse and guess what? I don’t have a pink mouse but I didn’t let her remove it because I am planning to buy a pink mouse anyway. Pink Mouse is Love!!

After a few days, I reminded her of my blog makeover order for Pink Thoughts. So she checked her folders and we were both shocked that the theme still existed under her 2009 orders. Both of us totally forgot about it. So, I pursued the order and she finished it. When she gave me the design, I fell in love and wanted it installed immediately. And another guess what?! There is a pink laptop on the header!! And we all know that I don’t own one. As I said earlier, I hate misrepresentations but still I accepted it because I fell in love with it… head over heels!! Love! Love! Love! Now, does that make me a darn liar?? Hell NO! Because I know deep inside that I will have a pink laptop or netbook someday and I know I will not misrepresent my blog’s header!

So here is what happened next… I asked hubby to fulfill his promise to me – to buy me a netbook or laptop for my travel needs and he did!!! Now, I have my new pink travel baby!!! Please welcome my new PINK SAMSUNG NETBOOK!!! YAY!!!

Now… I am no longer misrepresenting my headers because I have a PINK MOUSE and a PINK NETBOOK!!! I can now easily search for Mobile Media Syndication!! Yahoo! Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink is LOVE!!!

At this point… this is where Pink Fridays continues… this is my entry!!

Then my youngest evicted me out from my PINK NETBOOK!

Now, if you love PINK, join us and play with us!! Join Pink Fridays!!

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  • Dhadha

    Bonggahan ang pink laptop! I sooooo like! Gna spoil kna ni Daddy Jun when it comes sa gadgets. Hahaha! How much buy nyo? Ka cute promise! I want one! Nyahahaha! 🙂

  • Recel

    that is a beautiful pink toy mommy! so cuties! you deserved it! and that youngest blogger right there is even cuter! haha. and there’s a pink blankie that i’ve spotted, too! 🙂

  • bambie

    love the color of the netbook! would like one in purple but unfortunately my aspire 1 is blue. 🙁 bella can’t resist the cutesy pink netbook. 🙂

  • shydub

    wow bait ni habibi this week ahh, luuzz your pink mouse and netbook marz ayyy inggit ako. hanggang tingin nlng ako nito. Ano ba naman yang mis interpretation napaka die hard mo naman sa header. ako nga ganda ng header ko courtesy og mommy choco din pero feeling ko ao yun whahahaha.

    Anyway, aba 16 months old babe, nakisawsaw sa lappy ni mommy, hehe good job Bella hehehe. cute ahh dalawang kamay pa parang alam ang mga home keys sa keyboard hehehe.

    Ganda ng lappy mo marz, nakakinlove. kung ako niyan itabi ko yan sa pagtulog, pagkain, pag popo at anik anik, baka pink is for money din, ayy swertihin ang may ari yayaman :yes: 🙂

  • jared's mum

    looooove your pink netbook mommy rubz, i’d love to have one too (kaya lang sana in purple^^)
    hello cutie bella!
    happy pink friday!

  • Kharlota

    OMG! I am smiling from ear to ear LOL…wow- I am soooo envy with the pink lappy… want one too!

    Ang cute ni princess Bella! look at that tiny little fingers. mora naman makita na future blogger na. 🙂 Happy Pink Fridays! And thanks for trusting me for the layout 🙂

  • ellen joy

    wow. ganda naman ng gift ni hubby mo mommy. 🙂 I also have my N150 Plus, kaso red si NIBO ko… pero kahit hindi pink I love it still kasi pre-wedding gift ni hubby ko din.

    Food, Fashion, Beauty Blog
    The Pinay Blogger
    Mommy’s Infodose
    Mommy Survival

  • kayce

    WOW! super ganda ng pink netbook mo sis! meron palang pink na samsung? how much yan mommy? I lab it! oh by the way, my entry is up din… thankies! mwah! 🙂

  • Lyza

    Shocks! inggit ako hehe…happy for you mommy rubz…you’re the best example that when you want something, focus on having it and you’ll soon get it 😀

  • Arlene

    very dainty, Mommy Ruby! that’s just great for you!

    I wonder when i can have a gadget color pink. heheehe ang cute cute ni Bella. =)

    Followed u din pala.

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