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Planning for a Baguio City Vacation

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I have been to Baguio City, Philippines last January 2007 while I was still working. Now, I am planning to visit the city and this time with my family. I am planning to visit my best friend there. She is now married with a handsome baby boy. I haven’t met her husband and so as her baby boy. So the trip is not only a vacation but a reunion with my family and hers.

Anyway, before we go to Baguio City, I am planning to buy an electric blanket. I think I need to bring one so that I could keep my children warm in bed while we are there. Sleeping at night in Baguio City is like already having an air conditioning unit running if full blast at a rainy season at our home. So it is better I am ready so that my kids won’t have a sleepless night because of the coldness. 😉

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