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Plans to be Organized

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Lately, I am felt so stressed out. Aside from having two school aged children and a baby plus my husband, my mom and my best friend inside the house, I have more than 20 blogs to take care. As much as I wanted to take a break, I couldn’t leave my blogs as they are financially important to me.

I know that the source of my stress (aside from the other things that I couldn’t mention here) is the lack of organization and goal keeping. I get pressured because I get messed up with too many commitments. That is why I bought a planner to help me through every little thing in my life. Though project management software would be way better in keeping track of all the things I want to accomplish in a timely manner, I think it would be too much for personal agenda of keeping my sanity intact!

Anyway, I am planning to set aside time and organize things more. I need to put effort on this so that I would survive. What do you think?

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