Please Help Baby Je-An!!

Baby Je-An is in critical condition right now and is at the hospital. He can’t breathe on his own and already has a tube from his mouth to his lungs. The doctor said he might go anytime. Expenses it about 20,000 pesos daily. Baby Je-An has congenital heart & disease and imperforate anus. When he was born, his doctor advised his parents to make sure that he can have his heart surgery before he reaches 1 year old.

Due to lack of finances, he wasn’t able to have the heart surgery the past months. Now, he is already one year old. He has been having frequent attacks of congestion and sometimes his breathing stops.

If you want to help this baby, please send your PayPal donations to the following email: donations (at) mommiesforacause (dot) net. Just put “Hope for Baby Je-An” at the subject line.

If you want to help in other ways, every purchase from “Color Kiddos” will be donated to Baby Je-An’s need. Check-out their products posted at the Facebook Fan Page.

As a mom myself with a baby who is also in need, I know how the parents feel about the case of Baby Je-An. That is why, my baby, Bella Grace, is sharing her blessings to Baby Je-An. We hope that our little blessings can also bless Baby Je-An.


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