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#PlsSaveMe – When House Fire Strikes


For average Filipino families, it seems that most are not really ready for unexpected events in life. Emotionally, I know we will never be ready but for finances, they say, it can be prepared. But for me, personally, I think I am not ready to handle unexpected events… be it health problems or disastrous circumstances. I tried to be but as of now, I think I am not there yet but I am still willing to learn and re-learn things on how I can be financially ready.

Disaster Strikes Unexpectedly

In life, accidents or disastrous events usually catch as redhanded. This is the story of Jenny, a single mom and a resident of Cagayan de Oro City. It was a fine Sunday morning when she received a message that their house was burned down due to faulty electrical wiring. She was caught in shock. She was definitely not prepared to hear bad news. But what came to mind first was the safety of her family.

Humans of Cagayan de Oro – Jenny at Chingkee Tea

Her family was safe. All were accounted for but their house burned down to ashes. Nothing was left. Everything was gone. All including the memories they have collected over the years. They didn’t have house insurance. They faced financial difficulties at that time. It was hard since the children were going to school already.

Good-Hearted Souls Came to Help

Though they weren’t prepared, good-hearted souls came to help. A lot of people gave generously and helped their family. They were able to cope up but weren’t able to rebuild their home again. It was difficult, not only financially, but also emotionally. It was hard to take in but they have decided to move on and learn from the experience.

Filipinos are Resilient

We Filipinos are very resilient, but sometimes most of us are not financially prepared. We can’t blame ourselves since it’s not the norm when we were growing up. Most of us live by the moment. Selling life insurance when I was in college was hard. Not that I was selling them but most of the insurance agents I knew back then were able to tell their tales. It is only now that a lot of people have valued its importance.

Filipinos will Learn

Just recently, a lot of Filipinos are starting to save, to invest, and buy insurance. They start to learn how to live by becoming financially prepared for rainy days. Maybe not all but a lot of Filipinos are learning the value of becoming financially literate and even raising their kids to be one.


A lot of Filipinos don’t like admitting their financial difficulties to a lot of people. It is not common for Filipinos to admit that they need help. But if you just think about it, financial problems happen to everybody. There is nothing wrong about it. Financial difficulties are not unique to some people. It is something that everybody face. It can be daily for everybody and for some in unexpected times.

But financial difficulties are not the end of everything. If we admit we need help. It can be faced with confidence. We can learn. We can practice. We can be better.



Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Liz

    Talking about personal finances is still somewhat taboo in our country. But I think the more that we talk about finances, managing it, preparing for unexpected events, it will eventually become easier for anyone to know when they will eventually need help.

  • Michi

    So true, no matter how you save for the future, may mga unexpected events talaga na hindi mo mapaghahandaan. Agree din ko mommy May na kahit mayaman dumadaan din sa financial difficulties.

  • Lani

    It’s true that we don’t admit that we need help and that’s because we don’t like rejection. As for insurance, only a small percent Filipinos are into insurance and I hope that this will change, ’cause this is one important investment that we must have, to be ready.

  • berlin

    there will always come a time we need to look at our finances and be careful with our expenses. and when we were able to surpass that stage, we will be careful next time with our spending.

  • Czjai

    Aww, ang hirap talaga pag nasunugan kaya nga sabi nila mas mabuti pa daw kung manakawan na lang. At least may matitira kahit papano. Good thing Jenny and her family were able to bounce back from the ordeal!

  • Ayi

    The most important thing is to prepare for whatever may come to us. It’s hard to predict, but early preparation could help us a lot in getting back on track.

  • Nicole P

    kung big establishments nga like star city, na financially capable get fire insurance. Dapat lalo tayo mga home owners. we never really know when disaster will strike. gaya ng turo satin sa boy and girl scouts of the PH dapat lagi tayo prepared ❤

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