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Remember about the magazine that I was looking for earlier? I didn’t get the chance to find and buy a copy but the writer did send me a link to the scanned copy of the article. Hehehe… Why is the magazine important to me? It’s because Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) was featured!! Yup, that is right. Isn’t that great?! If you grab a copy of Working Mom Magazine October 2008 Issue, you will find PMC at page 36 with a picture of the three members who were lucky to be interviewed.
At the picture starting from the left, you can see Mommy Aeirin, Mommy Cara, and Mommy Charm respectively. Since they are one of our Manila-based members, they were the mommies I have asked to represent for the interview and pictorials. I can’t go because I am here at Cagayan de Oro and it would take thousands of dollars to get there. Anyway, it’s for PMC and I am still glad it went through perfectly fine. The mommies indeed had a grand time too! Visit their posts and see some of the behind the scenes photos.

Mommy Aeirin’s PostMommy Cara’s Post

Mommy Charm’s Post

Anyway, the editors of Working Mom searched the internet for mommy online communities. Luckily, they were able to stumble upon Pinay Mommies Community that led to my blog here. They contacted me via email and from then on…everything was history and now we are on the pages of Working Mom Magazine!

Indeed a very great day to be thankful!! It’s not every month that someone recognizes and features a community that you have started and your blog to be mentioned for that matter. Thank God for such a wonderful blessing!!

I would also like to thank Mommy Aeirin, Mommy Cara, and Mommy Charm. For without them agreeing to be interviewed and hamper their busy schedules, this would not happen. I love you mommies!!

And of course, a special and BIG thank you to all the mommies and wives who joined PMC. Without you all, we would never get the chanced to be featured at Working Mom Magazine. Thank you and God bless you all!! Congratulations to all of us.

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  • cielo

    kudos to you sis….for all your effort and initiative….gogogog PMC.

    BTW sis, I am really sad, please help me out…I wonder why is it that I cannot access PMC site at home, pero sa opis or sa mga internet shops naoopen ko naman.

    same with other sites ni joanjoyce, callcetergal, sagada, and – di ko maopen

    I tried using firefox and IE but to no avail….why po kaya helppppp, puro page cannot be displayed huhuuhuh

  • jona

    wow mommy! im so proud of you and us.. hehehe.. galing2x ng PMC ano? bili ng mag na yan..thanks to them too!

    ang gaganda ng mga mommies na nainterview ..artistahin..hehe

  • Rowena Wendy Lei

    Hi Mommy Ruby!

    Thank you so much for helping us out. We never could’ve done it without you. I wish I could’ve interviewed you in person. 😀

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