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PMC’s Weekly Fest

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Pinay Mommies Community is doing a weekly fest. Every week all members who would want to participate will post an entry at the forum according to the weekly theme. They will post half of their entry at the forum and half of the entry at their blog.

Those who will join will either receive a giveaway (that is for all) or one winner (or several winners) will be chosen for a prize. This will depend on our weekly benefactor(s) of course. Most are generous members of the community.

This week’s theme is their favorite food. Participants will post the ingredients at the forum and the rest of the procedure at their blogs. All participants will receive 20 entrecard credits for FREE courtesy of Pinay Mommies Community.

So, if you are a Pinay Mommy or a Wife, join us at Pinay Mommies Community now and let’s enjoy our weekly fest together with our fellow mommies and wives!!

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