PMO is No Longer My Main Blog

It’s official! I already declared that my main blog will no longer be Pinay Mommy Online (PMO) but Mommy Rubz. This means that this blog of mine shall be referred as my oldest blog.

Mommy Rubz will be my personal blog of all personal blogs. I will be writing most of my inner thoughts and sentiments there.

As for this blog, Pinay Mommy Online, I will be using this as my tutorial blog where in I can share my knowledge about blogging through blogspot and wordpress platform and monetizing it. This blog will also serve as my PR blog for local giveaways and events. So from now on, expect that this blog will contain informative posts on blogging and making money online.

8 thoughts on “PMO is No Longer My Main Blog

  1. Hi mommy mars, thanks sa badge ill grab this one ha? I used the IE so I can comment without chasing the browser hehe.

    Good to know this mommy. 🙂

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