PMO Sponsored A Unique Beauty Contest

PMO sponsored the most unique beauty contest found online: A Investor: Entrecard Beauty Contest.

What made me decide to sponsor this contest? Well, I guess it’s uniqueness prompted me. It blended beauty with EntreCard. I have been an EntreCard fanatic lately and have been looking for ways to buy EC credits and even win them. But this – I got to sponsor!

The prizes are as follows:
Winner (highest vote) receives 5000 EC credits
Runner-up receives 1000 EC credits
Other contestants receive 100 EC credits each

By the way, I guess you should go there and vote. Because the host, A Investor, is giving away 30 EC credits for the first 30 voters that would leave a comment at the contest post. Hurry now! The contest will end April 29, 2008 – 8 pm (Singapore time).

Two of my blogger friends have been nominated there. I wish them both luck!!

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