PMO’s New Look

Hello guys! Here’s just a little update on my template.

OK, this is my final template until I don’t know when. Maybe I will be doing some color changes because I really wanted a black, pink and white theme. I don’t wanna see gray hues lying around. And I know that my theme doesn’t look good using Internet Explorer, but I think that’s OK. Most of my readers are FireFox 3 users and besides, IE users can still read my post (which I think is more important, hehehe). But for IE users please bear with me. I am trying to fix it but couldn’t find the glitch yet.

So, what do you think of the new PMO?

  1. Dianne
  2. LxndreaSB
  3. 4udiary
  4. Xee
  5. Pinay WAHM
  6. Z'riz
  7. Jomari
  8. raxso
  9. Shala
  10. Carlota
  11. {girl}forallstatus
  12. carlota
  13. faeryrowan

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