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After I gave birth to my oldest child, I immediately looked for a job. Since I was an undergraduate, I was employed under the Work Appreciation Program of a famous department store chain as a cashier. It was my first job and I really enjoyed it because I was trained with so many new things like using a cash register and transacting using Point of Sale systems.
Well, that was around several years ago. Now, POS systems have evolved into much technological advancement in terms of convenience and security. Before, you use a separate gadget to transact credit cards but now FedeltaPOS.com have made new business solutions like incorporating the cash register and the credit card transaction into one reliable and robust secured terminal. They also have developed many software solutions that are suited to fast food chains, general retails, resorts, hotels, and more.So, if you are planning to have a business, having a point of sale software package from Fedelta will surely give you an ease of use, speed and reliable features! Visit their site today to learn more.

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Mummy SHENG July 29, 2008 - 2:38 am

i just wish for the best on your hubby’s visit!

i know it will make you and the kids happy, to see him again!

good luck!


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