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Pre-Anniversary Treat

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We don’t have any budget to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow that is why hubby decided that spending time together watching a movie about marriage would be a nice pre-anniversary treat to ourselves. So, just a few hours ago, my husband and I watched Fireproof for the second time.

The first time we watched the movie was last year during the couple’s ministry fellowship for Valentine’s Day. As I remember, I cried while watching the movie. There are many scenes that I could very much relate. Though I already watched it, I find myself crying over it again. I can’t help my tears falling from my eyes as I recall the hardships my hubby and I have gone through.

Anyway, during the movie, my hubby and I discussed several points regarding our marriage. We talked about where we should improve and which habits that is causing our marriage to fail. He acknowledged his weakness and so did I but both of us recognize that our bad habits will not be erased overtime. We need to work on it as time passes by with God’s help. Just as the movie goes, the important thing is to never leave your partner behind especially when there is fire (trials, testing and tribulations in marriage).

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poshpost January 28, 2010 - 11:19 am

oh that is soooo nice mommy! i like romantic activities like that that do not cost a cent. hehe and you learn pa. i am hoping gid mommy and praying for victory, God;s victory in your marriage. 😀


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