Prepare Your Home for Winter’s Chill

With winter fast approaching, now is a great time to prepare your home and property for wintery conditions. While snow and ice aren’t of huge concern in Australia, rain and cooler weather can have an adverse affect to the condition of your home. Here are a few preparations you can take to ensure your home survives the winter.

Clean Out the Gutters

Over summer and throughout autumn, leaves and debris from trees will accumulate in your gutters and clog drain pipes. Before the winter rains start, it’s a good idea to clean out your gutters as a clogged pipe can cause water to flow back into your house. It is also best to keep all damp leaves away from your house as this can cause mildew build up and compromise the foundation of your house.

Check Your Insurance

Because mother nature’s destruction can have an expensive price tag attached to it, making sure that your home owner’s insurance is up to date and covers you in the case of natural emergencies, is important. Think about projects that you worked on during the summer that may need additional insurance or will add extra value to your property – perhaps you installed a new back fence or a garage. You should contact your insurance company or consider Budget Direct building insurance as a low cost option to cover your home and other valuables.

Do a Winter Throw Out

Not only will you have branches, leaves and other plant debris to toss out before winter arrives, this is also a good time to clean out that shed or spare room. Make a plan to either sell, throw out or donate any extra items that you own but no longer need. Winter is a difficult time for many in lower socio-economic situations; now is a great opportunity for you to help out someone in need. Donating rugs, food, clothing or other house hold items through charities is a great way to clean out the house and help the less fortunate. Your local council can provide information on how to donate to local charities.

Check Your Heaters

Before the winter chill really hits, it’s a good idea to check the safety and cleanliness of your heaters. After a summer in storage, heaters can fill with dust and become potential fire hazards. Check that your heaters are not faulty or unsafe. There are safety checks on electrical goods at local shopping centres, where you can bring in your appliances and have someone check if they are still safe to use.

Block the Drafts

Many homeowners and renters spend loads of money and energy heating their homes without ensuring that their house is well sealed. A gap under a door or around a window can bring in cold air and can make heating your home less efficient. Check for any gaps now and seal them before winter arrives.

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