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Prevention is Better than Cure with Ceelin Plus

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Any mother would protect her child with everything she has. When a child is experiencing coughs and colds, worry sets in. One thing to prevent his common sickness is to take vitamins. As they always say, prevention is better than cure.

As a mom, it is an important task to make sure that the Vitamin C supply is adequate for my children. With daily dose of Vitamins, it helps to build the immune system that combats sickness. Well, worry not my fellow moms, Ceelin Plus (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc) is here to save the day!

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Why take Zinc?

This may be new to moms out there but it plays a major role on the proper growth and immune system of the body. It is needed in a daily basis on small amounts.

Here are some good things that Zinc can do:

– helps regulating the cell activity of the immune system;
– serves as an antioxidant;
– it lessens the symptoms of rhinovirus (common cold);

Would you risk your child’s health by not taking vitamins? You would not want that to happen, right? Start your day right with Ceelin Plus!

Ceelin Plus is a product proudly manufactured by the biggest and trusted pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, UNILAB. Follow UNILAB on their social media accounts to get their latest updates and promos:

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