Prevention is Better than Cure


My daughter, Micah Izabel, and my son, Johann David, grew up with asthma. They were admitted to the hospital a few times due to massive asthma attack. There was a situation that both of them were hospitalized at the same time. It was hard for me seeing my children suffer relentlessly but I know it was harder for them because they were having difficult time breathing.

And because of these attacks, I always have first aid medicines inside our refrigerator and some allergy relief ointments. Just in case something triggers their asthma, I can easily ring first aid preventing from a more dangerous attack. Aside from that, my hubby and I bought an air conditioning unit so that they will have a good ambiance when sleeping.

Though our electricity bill is high every month, I couldn’t complain. The amount I pay for a monthly electricity bill is equal to a two day stay at the hospital minus the medicines and food expenses. So, it’s really better to prevent an attack from happening than curing it. Aside from saving you a lot from big hospital expenditures, you have happy and healthy children which is a trophy to a mom’s life!

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