Problem Faucet

Problem FaucetThis is our kitchen faucet. As you can see, there are many rubber bands tied to it. My best friend made an alternative solution to its leaking problem as we wait upon our landlady to solve it. We already complained about this to her a month ago. We didn’t follow up because of the holidays.

If I owned the house, I would probably have bought a Kohler faucet long time ago to replace it but it would be a waste of money. My husband and I have decided to find another house again. So, we might as well wait for the landlady or if not, we will give solution to it by ourselves. Maybe a cheap faucet would not be so bad until April 2010 this year? LOL!

4 thoughts on “Problem Faucet

  1. I had this problem before, every two weeks my faucet would leak and the floors will get all soaked up it made me steaming with irritation. So what I did was, I bought my own tools and a plastic faucet at ACE Hardware, fixed it on my own, and then deduct the price of the faucet and tools from my rent. Since then, my landlords would be careful not to hear me when I report anything about the house to them, lest I deduct again ahahah!

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