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Problem Unsolved

Yesterday, I blogged about how my PC crashed and how it prevented me from accessing the internet. I also shared to you my idea of booting my PC from the USB connector.

Well, to make this long story short, the USB booting didn’t work. I think the USB connection was not powerful enough to get the job done. It was a total failure. So, I gave my 250GB hard disk drive to my husband a.k.a. BELLA last night, so that he could copy all my important files today. Unfortunately, he was not able to find any SATA cable therefore he wasn’t able to do a backup copy.

So now, I am still using my husband’s reliable HDD for his laptop. And I think I have no choice but to buy a SATA cable when payday comes!

Anyway, I wish that it’s easy to fix computer problems just like giving a tap to hand dryers at public bathrooms if they don’t work. But PCs are tough, you need to be logical and patient in solving problems.It could take days if you will try to fix it by yourself and only hours if you pay a technician. Hayz…so I say…the saga continues…

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