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Proof of Pain: Tech Tools to Help Stop Abuse in Its Tracks

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Technology has advanced hugely over the past 20-30 years and, whilst this is extremely positive in a lot of ways, it also has a deadly side. Over half of today’s teens have experienced some form of cyberbullying which wouldn’t be possible if the technology weren’t so advanced. Cyberbullying can occur in many forms including email threats, sinister phone calls and spreading rumors online and can have seriously detrimental effects on the victim.

But technology does certainly have its positives regarding online abuse too, as there are now many ways in which modern technology can be used to gather evidence of this abuse to get help and prevent it from happening again. If you or someone you know is experiencing some form of technology-fuelled abuse, read on to discover how to collect all the relevant evidence and stop it in its tracks.

Speak to an Expert

Before beginning to collect your evidence, it’s important to establish exactly what type of evidence you need. To get the best possible advice, talk to a member of the police or a lawyer and explain the abuse you’re experiencing in detail.

Once they have as much information about the problem as possible, they’ll then be able to give accurate advice on precisely the type of evidence you need to truly demonstrate that a crime is being committed against you. It’s important to get this advice first as you don’t want to waste your time collecting evidence if it’s not 100% relevant to your case.

Save Voicemails and Phone Calls 

If your abuser is primarily using phone calls to taunt you, it’s important to save as many as possible. Voicemails are relatively simple to save as the majority of smartphones automatically save any voicemail that’s left, enabling you to play it back at any moment.

Taking notes on a phone call won’t be enough hard evidence, so it’s vital you have a mechanism to record these phone calls whilst they’re happening. Most phones don’t come with this type of technology, so downloading a call recording app will be one of the most valuable steps you can take for this type of evidence. Learn more about one of the today’s most reliable call recording Android apps to find step-by-step instructions on how you can both download and use it.

Take Screenshots

Typically, online abuse is often in the form of abusive emails, texts or posts on social media sites. Almost all smartphones these days feature a screenshot mechanism, so it’s important to immediately screenshot every single abusive post you see that’s directly aimed at you. Sometimes social media posts may even be deleted by the abuser soon after being posted to cover themselves, so it’s crucial to be ‘on the ball’ and ready to take a screenshot at any moment.

Cyberbullying is a worldwide problem that must be tackled. Whilst technology is often the mechanism used to instigate the abuse, it can also be used to stop the abuse by collecting hard evidence and using it to prove your case.

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