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Pure and Not so Pure

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In my interest to invest in gold coins, I have learned that there are gold coins that are made of pure gold, or 24k gold, and those that are almost made entirely of gold. I believe that the not so pure ones are cheaper. We are thinking of settling for the latter or to save up and buy a pure one. The intrinsic value of gold is very high in its purest form so that is why we are considering the pure ones. The problem is they are priced higher.

So what is it then? The dollar keeps going down. We need to put our money where there is a safety net. We are working for our current needs as well as the future of our children. While we do not want to spoil them, we also want them to have good education later on. And we all know that inflation makes everything expensive! So we need to make the most of what we have and that means we have to invest in the right places. I say right because there are also bad investments making us lose the money that we worked so hard for.

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