Quality and Customer Service in the Insurance Industry


Shopping for auto insurance can appear to be an insurmountable maze from the outside, but if you know what is more important to you in an insurance products, the field will narrow considerably. Low auto insurance rates and cute commercials may be attractive to many people, but quality and personalized customer service has been proven to sustain the policy holder much better in the long run.

When choosing any type of vehicle insurance, one of the first considerations might be whether you want to go with a large, frequently advertised online company that touts the lowest price or if you would prefer the personal touch from a local agent. You may choose local agents for large companies that write coverage with only their company, or you may opt for an independent agent that will shop for the best price and best quality product to fit your personal needs.

An automobile insurance quote should list all discounts you are privileged to receive such as for low to no claim history, age and credit score, and multi-line package deals. Review your auto insurance quote carefully and don’t be afraid to ask about all available discounts. It’s not a good idea to skimp on coverage limits, especially with regard to medical payments to others. I recommend $500,000 to $1,000,000 in med pay coverage.

Quality also lies in the history of customer service especially in the area of claims. Do your own research before signing your insurance contract. Referrals from friends and neighbors are an excellent way to hear first hand how they were treated. Excellent local personalized customer service is a priority for many companies that are battling big name low-cost providers, and they will go the extra mile to get and retain your policy premiums.

Do your homework, don’t skimp on coverages and do ask questions about hard to understand policy language. If the agent you are speaking with cannot answer your questions, drive on to the next carrier.

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  • ladysoda

    This reminds me of our car insurance also..I never understood them! lol! Everytime we need to renew, I always get confused..oh well! next time I should be able to understand them clearly. 😛

  • Deli

    I always prefer companies with quality customer service. I mean, we are already paying for their service, then we should be handled well by them. We always have the option to choose another company if we are not happy with them.

  • jheylo

    it can for sure but once you know and agent they can work with you. they find the cheapest quotes on our behalf. And of course we should also consider the coverage before saying “yes” to the cheapest auto insurance

  • Ron

    i agree… it’s best to be assured that to be re-assured when getting an auto insurance… 1 thing it ain’t cheap and it’ll sure help just in case you ran into an accident.

    cheers for sharing! :))

  • Joy H

    So true! A lot of insurance only cares about your money and for the first time, so they will get you. But in the end, some CS was like a nightmare. So, i think these things needs to be exercise and taken seriously as well, particularly, in an insurance industry.

  • marie

    Im Glad My insurance Company have excellent customer service! They are always great, they’re always there to help all day and night and weekends and you don’t have to worry about someone being on vacation or sick because there’s always more and great agents there to help. Plus they work with other outside companies and you can get discounts other places just for being with them.

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