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It is a well-known fact that stimulating the brain with various kinds of activities reduces the risk of various types of brain disorders, but most importantly, stymies the onset of Alzheimer’s disease – a brain disorder that slowly erases our memories and the capacity to think and function. And as a matter of fact, stimulating your brain doesn’t have to mean doing mathematical equations all willy-nilly, as it can also be a way to have fun, and as the learned say, if you’re having fun while doing it, you’ll get far when you’re doing it. And what better way to stimulate your brain than to play a few video games?

In fact, I myself play many such games, but due to my constant work causing me to be on my laptop and on the internet browser most of the time, I have to get creative when doing my daily brain game to keep the brain drain away, and thus, I choose free online browser games in order to fulfill my brain stimulation quota, as they’re convenient, simple, and most importantly, fun.

42 years old I may be, but I have a lot of games played under my belt. Here are some of the games that I’ve been playing and enjoying as of recently…

I’ve got a thing for merge games, these match-threes kinds of stuff and the like, and in browsing for some things that I want to play on the browser, I found and enjoyed Merge Cakes. It’s basically a game where you merge desserts with each other in order to advance yourself to the next level; this, and the fact that it is on browser and thus easily accessed makes me love it even more. There’s also Zuma Ball and Zuma Legend, the former of which is a 10-level tile-matching ball shooter game that is a fusion of Zuma and pinball. The latter is also similar but with a hundred levels instead.

For more logic puzzle games, I have been enamored with the game of Letter Scramble, it’s essentially a Scrabble-styled browser game where you spell as many words as you can before the time runs out. And let me tell you, it’s an enjoyable game to play, and it even helps you in adapting and expanding your vocabulary, how’s that for an educational plus? In the same vein, there’s also the Daily Word Search, which gives me a new word puzzle every day to solve.

I’ve also gotten a liking for the hidden object games, where one has to find objects in an image in order to advance in levels. Games such as China Temple – a somewhat hard hidden object game that contains objects and numbers, spotting the differences in each of the 10 levels – and Garden Secrets Hidden Objects, a more traditional hidden objects game. Let me tell you, it’s pretty stimulating for me to look for these items in the games, making my brain kick into high gear in order to solve the level, especially when time is nearly up.

These games are great for brain stimulation, and the fact that it has some educational perks is only an added bonus! But just like anything else, too much of anything is always bad. So, play! Play moderately!

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  • Villabeth+Deocampo

    Yay! Thank you for sharing this one mommy.Eto ung sinisearch ko kagabi for my boy para sabi ko maexercise naman ang utak hindi puro laro sa labas lalo nagkakahawaan na naman ng trangkaso dito sa amin.Thank you for sharing mommy.Stay safe always and God bless.

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