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Quick Guide to Bachelorette Party Limousine Rentals

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Quick-Guide-to-Bachelorette-PartyAre you a proud Maid of Honor? Organizing the details of the bachelorette party is the best gift you can give to a soon-to-be-bride. Planning the party is difficult enough without throwing transportation concerns into the mix. Party busses and limousine rentals are a popular and safe way to take the party on the road. This quick guide will help you book the perfect ride.

Booking the Right Ride for Your Party
Pick up the phone as soon as you can. Wedding season always limits the supply of quality limousines. If you wait too long, you might be stuck with a “vintage” limousine when all you really want is some modern luxury. The only way to make sure that your limo will be ready on bachelorette party day is to deliver your deposit and sign the contract.

Attend the open-house hours at your prospective rental agency to inspect the limo you want in person. Check for factors like cleanliness, maintenance, and interior features. We suggest contacting Emperor Limousine to secure an awesome bus for your party – Chicago area partiers are always welcome to inspect the fleet during open house hours.
This is also a great time to meet the chauffeurs. It’s important for your driver to possess the right licensure, experience, and insurance. A positive and fun attitude is helpful, too.

Explore the Party Package Options
Many rental services offer specialized bachelorette party packages – but it pays to find out exactly what those packages entail before booking. You’ll want to make sure that there will be a variety of refreshments that everyone can enjoy (it’s helpful to include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options), along with light snacks and the plates/tableware necessary for both.

Be aware that some rental companies charge by the item for mini-bar purchases, while others simply include generics and require separate orders for anything special. Ask if you can distribute your own drinks and snacks throughout the night. Most rental companies offer full-feature planning services down to the tiniest details like gift bag goodies and bachelorette-themed decorations.

Coordinating Transportation with Party Plans
Every rental agency has different billing procedures. Will the chauffeur run the meter while picking up the guests and dropping them off? Does your contract specify that your rental lasts a set length of time, or will the driver just bill you by the hour? What are the limits? What are the penalties if you change the itinerary?

Make sure to schedule plenty of time for delays. You don’t want your party to incur penalties for having too much fun, so make sure to pay for a few extra hours if necessary. A broken heel or a late photographer can change your plans drastically – leave room for those unforgettable moments. You won’t regret it.

Everybody will be able to party even harder knowing that the transport already covered, and you can relax when you know there is nothing left to do but celebrate. Rent early and rent smart so that your party, and most importantly the bachelorette, can celebrate in style.

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