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Raindrops and Snow

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It has not rained in my area that much lately. Not like the rain that has been causing floods in Jolo, but I guess it was just enough to make things colder.

If I wanted cold, I think I would have wished for snow instead. That way I could get an Ariens snow blower and let the kids have fun in the sun and snow and make Frosty the Snowman.

But no, all I have is rain. But rain is still quite divine, if you ask me. Just that you really cannot make a snowman or snow angels in the rain. Its just water by the way. The only thing that would make things happier is if the rain would pour down and make me a happy person by giving me the cold weather that I seek.

If you had a snow blower, would you use it? I know I would. But the important thing is that, nobody gets hurt in the everyday activities.

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