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My hubby and I went to my in-laws last night. The rain was so pouring so hard and caused a flood at the surrounding areas. We weren’t able to come home, so we slept in for the night.
Of course, it was hard for me knowing that the girl just lives outside with their daughter since they are neighbors. All sort of thoughts are creeping inside my brain. I really wanted to move on, accept the realities of the past and embrace a hopefully brighter future. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for me. It’s a complicated situation that haunts my everyday marriage life. I am struggling and the pain is always there as if it was only yesterday.

Anyway, my hubby will be leaving tomorrow. Surely, I will miss him and so as the kiddos. I am not really into long distance relationships. It’s not my forte especially what happened to us. It’s very complex!!

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stina August 3, 2008 - 2:20 am

My neighbor came over to my house and yelled at me over my dog!

I have a dog that I can’t keep in my yard. I have tried everything and she always finds a way out. Anyway, this lady comes to my home, knocks on my door and when i open the door she points her finger at me and yells obscenities at me. Apparently my dog was in HER neighbors garbage and then pooped on HER NEIGHBORS LAWN! Why didn’t she come and talk to me like a civil human being? Why was she a vicious monster attacking me at my door? I calmly went over to HER NEIGHBORS house where the garbage was and picked up every piece, and the dog poop. I agree that I have that responsibility to clean up after my dog. The one thing I don’t agree upon is someone coming to my house and screaming in my face about something I didn’t know about. Is anyone out there been blessed with a psyco-neighbor?
I don’t think anyone remembers the golden rule…Do unto others as you would want done unto you!
I sent them a lovely card from this site I found…www.URAJerk.com


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