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I have not had the luxury of watching TV lately; even worse, I have not watched any movies!! But one thing that I have noticed is that the details that production puts into television shows these days are so nice that even the houses are looking really nice. It makes me wonder if the homes were built by home builders such as home builders cedar rapids ia. But then again, they might not be in the same area?

Still, somebody told me the houses are actually just sets and not exactly a full home. But sometimes I doubt my friend. I mean, surely there are scenes that were done in sets, but the houses are real aren’t they?

Well, nevertheless, it’s not just the houses, but also the tattoos, the hair, the costumes. I tell you, all those previous shows had nothing – NOTHING – on the efforts done by production crews these days. Makes me want visit film studio and study up on what they do there. But that is me doing wishful thinking. Maybe one day, however, I will be able to do just that. But I doubt if I can do that now, or next year. But it will happen. And during that time, I will take my children!

Oh come on, it’s not like you have never done anything remotely impressive or for the sake of dreaming. Surely you could have started a dream and followed suit!

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