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People nowadays are much drawn to shows that cater real life. Thus, Reality TV became so popular. Before, it was all about singing contests or documentaries but now reality shows that are shown varies from dating, physical combats (like American Gladiator – this one is fun!) and even helping failing restaurants!There are many reality shows right now and most of them are based on certain themes which people find very interesting. Have you seen episodes on LA Ink and Miami Ink? These reality shows are based on tattoos and the stories behind. Another one is a top-rated series from Discovery Channel, the Dirty Job which features the lives of America’s unsung laborers. These are just few of the several reality shows that have become popular.

If you are interested to such shows, visit It is a blog solely dedicated in providing latest information and updates on several popular reality shows in most networks today.

How about you? Do you like reality TV??

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  • Z'riz

    the reality shows that i really hate are those shows that basically have no substance whatsoever! like pinoy big brother, girls next door, survivor, keeping up with the kardashians, the simple life and all those celeb reality shows that chronicle their life…as if they aren’t chronicled enough!
    i rest my case!
    i do love the reality shows on discovery, nat geo, discovery travel, lifestyle network, and history channel

  • CeL

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