Reasons Why I Love the Sheriff

Most of my friends and readers in my other blogs know that I earn online. In fact, I have been earning online since 2008 particularly in the realm of paid blogging. And guess what? I have been with many paid to blog companies but none of them can compare to my favorite one which is Pay U2 Blog.

Pay U2 Blog really knows how to take care of their bloggers. Ever since I was with them, I never felt that I need to stay awake all night just to wait and grab tasks at their dashboard. They make me feel well provided.

Anyway, here are the reasons why I love Pay U2 Blog:
1. You donโ€™t have to wait for tasks to be grabbed. Tasks are provided to every blogger.
2. You are only required to make a minimum of 60 words per task.
3. You are only required to place one link for the amount of $5.00 per task!!
4. They pay you bi-weekly. No need to wait for payment threshold.
5. They are always on time. (I only have one experience when they were delayed since I was with them since February 2008).

In my earnings from Pay U2 Blog, I was able to help supply the needs of my family because my husband salary is not enough. Aside from that, I was able to pay our bills, debts and even buy few gadgets from my earnings. Pay U2 Blog has become my familyโ€™s financial provider. I really thank God for them. They are such a blessing to us!

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