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Relationship Problems

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Every relationship over history has experienced problems of some sort. These problems could be related to money, in-laws, peers, or polygamy. But whatever the reason, fights are inevitable in every relationship.

There are relationships to keep and worth fighting for. And many people have succeeded in making them work. They have gotten married and build their families because both parties have tried to work things out. But there are really those that from the beginning, warning signals have already been blazing but the lovers were blinded by their so-called love. Just be careful with these kinds of relationships. It is easy to get entangled with them and difficult to get out of. Look out for exit signs early on so that you can jump out of that kind of relationship before you are in too deep.

The best thing to have in every relationship is an open channel with other people so that you will not be lost from your circle of friends just in case your love life turns sour.

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