Remembering Molar Bands


Yesterday, after my son’s classes, we went to my father’s dentist friend to get my braces adjusted. It’s been awhile since my braces was installed.
When we arrived there, the dentist didn’t ask any questions but directed me to her chair. After that, she washed her hand and inspected my teeth. Then she asked me where my molar bands are. Molar bands, what?? I have no idea. She said that I should have molar bands to pull my front teeth inside. Oh I see!! Molar bands…well, I just told her I was not able to get it installed as planned because we went home to my parent’s place in a short noticed. She said my braces are useless without it. So, I asked her how much. Then she immediate replied 500 pesos each! OK, that is quite big but I have no choice. After removing the pink decorations on my braces, she immediately replaced it with my new chosen color (blue) and got my upper teeth measured again. Then she told me she will install it later because she has to make it. She then inserted molar separators to prepare it for the molar bands.After that, we asked how much. She said, I won’t ask for anything today. We will charge it next time on per visit scheme and just some material costs when the need arises. Then she said she will be charging me for 350 pesos per visit! As in I got myself amazed!! I mean she charge lesser than my dentist who installed my braces and she works quite fast and very efficient too!!

When I went out from her clinic, I was quite happy and satisfied despite the pouring rain. I got a free adjustment and a dentist that charge less for a great service! Oh well, being my father’s friend might have contributed to it and also the healthy competition going on here. There are many dentists here that practices orthodontics.

I am looking forward to my next appointment. That would be on Saturday. It was originally scheduled on Friday but I said no can do! It’s a special day and maybe dad would cook something nice…I might not be able to eat it. Hehehe… She just smiled. Anyway, I am expecting that installing the molar bands would bring my teeth to pain again. Imagine the pulling force it would bestow on my front teeth. I am sure couldn’t bite or chew. Aside from that, I am expecting my parents to prepare a delicious viand on Friday!

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  • Candace

    That is great that you found a cheaper dentist who does a good job! It is a great dental marketing idea to perform more and charge less.

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