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Have you ever wanted to finish a project to beat the deadline but couldn’t make it because you forgot to bring yours files at home?? Have you ever caught in a situation when you are travelling and your boss asked you for the files he gave you to finish but forgot??

No fret!! A new breed of technology has come to rescue your problems. You can now remote access your PC from home to work or vice versa using a PC to PC interface (special application installed) or a secure web browser. Access all your resources stored in your PC including emails, documents, pictures and more. You can login to your PC quickly and securely. This technology will allow you to view your PC in true colors and easy transfer all your files. And guess what! All these conveniences start with a monthly payment of $4.95 and they are giving a free 30-day trial.

To know more about this great online find I stumbled upon with, please visit their website at

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