Responsible TV Ad for Medicines

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that consumers have become wiser these days than the way they used to in the past. It has something to do with the experience and although TV commercials may affect them in one way or another, most of the time, buyers will go for the products that they have already tested and have already proven to be effective. Let’s take the case of these medicine advertisements on television that we see every day. In my very own perception as a mother and as a consumer, these campaigns may simply catch my attention, raise my inquisitiveness about the product, it may push me to try it once or twice but at the end of the day, I will still be following what the medical practitioners prescribe me to buy.

Patronage gimmicks or those loyalty incentives they give out to promote their products may work for quite a time but I don’t think the patronage of the product itself lasts long. The companies may have successfully launched their medicinal products and consumers may know them but in the long process, it is still the effectiveness of the product that matters which remind me of the promotional campaign about the use of the generic counterpart of commercialized medicines because for generic named medicines, people pay less for the same relieving effect as those which are expensive.

When it comes to the promotion of medicinal products, advertising firms use different strategies to get their message across to their audience. It’s just sad to note that some of these product commercials are indirectly promoting violence. For mature audiences like us, we know for a fact that they are only for promotional purposes that things need to be exaggerated but there are kids who always follow what they see. Saridon commercial is a concrete example of violence in a TV ad. Without proper guidance, kids may think that hammering or nailing the head is just fine because Saridon can cure it anyway.

In as much that companies need to promote their products and that they need to provide information about them, and despite of the notion that consumers have become wiser and learned now, responsible advertising should still be kept in mind. That is, creating effective promotional videos that will not only promote their products but will encourage viewers to be better individuals. After all, television is still one of the most influential media even up to the present times.

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  • Ira

    I quite agree. TV commercials for medicine and other products have become more aggressive and sometimes irresponsible. Parental guidance is really needed when children are watching television.

  • Mama Vernz Theory

    sadly, we don’t have TV already, it’s a sacrifice we have to do to lessen unfocus-ness in our household…. we only have online news, online replays and hard paper copies…

    Anyway, it’s a proven science that television has tremendous effect in society, while I know there are institutions that screen these ads … sometimes it takes brilliants to decipher the meanings and most copy writers are just damn humans thinking not the effects of these ads … not only for meds but for practically everything fed on boob tube … 🙂

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