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Ride and Time of Our Life

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My husband has always been dreaming of having his own car. Not just any car, take note, he want his car to be like an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)! I didn’t know before that he wanted to experience atv riding. Well, I guess it will always be a dream for him. But who knows?! We’re still in our prime years and many things can happen in the near future. Well, as for me, I think I have my own heart’s desire to like my husband that I haven’t really figured out yet.

I guess, if that time comes, I will be more than excited to experience riding an ATV and have the time of our life. Maybe, it is that kind of experience that we need in our married life. After all, we have not really tried doing that kind of thing or any other extreme sports that will give us a heart pumping adrenaline rush.

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