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Sacrificing for a Better Life

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We are trying to put everything in order as a family. However, we realized we need to make some sacrifices if we really want to start anew on solid ground. Those sacrifices may include having to relocate again and also possibly looking for job opportunities elsewhere, well at least on my husband’s part.

Well, we’re just about ready to accept everything with arms wide open if it would mean a better life for the whole family. My husband is already preparing all the necessary documents he would need in case he has to go abroad and although it pains me and my kids’ heart, we have to be strong and support him with it.

We are optimistic about things and in fact have already started to make a list of the things we would invest in. Of course, a car is near the top of our list. Having our own car, protected by infiniti rubber mats, would be most beneficial for us and most especially for the kids.

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